It is Thursday again, and you know what that means…. HAIKU!

Today we’re talking about:

Official: A small projecting knob or ridge
Urban Dictionary: The name of a specific thing that has no name, or whose name you can’t remember, but which your audience will instantly recognize by the name “knurl” when used in a sentence.

much to his dismay
the knurl on his umbrella
went up and not down

So, when I googled this one to find an image, I found a billion machine parts that were offered with straight knurling, diamond knurling, or no knurling. It must be one of those words that someone in certain fields would know and to the rest of us it sounds so foreign.  The urban dictionary was much more fun.  So, to my machine parts and mechanic friends, my apologies. But I might have to find a way to use this in my book for some other purpose. 

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Today’s #photoadayapril prompt: Stairs
Fond memories from my trip to P-town last summer for a wonderful writer’s workshop.

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