Happy Friday!  Not only is today the middle of the #atozchallenge, it is also Friday the 13th. And we’re not afraid of anything… or are we?  Thinking about fears I found this:

Fear of computers

Holy cow that is a long way to go to describe a fear of computers. Oh my goodness I am so grateful that I am not among the afflicted. Can you imagine trying to live in the world today without being able to use any computers? That would stifle you at the bank, at the grocery, on the phone… and forget about learning anything. You’d be the one and only remaining subscriber to the leather-bound encyclopedia books.

My post from 2011: L for Lucubrate

Today’s #photoadayapril prompt: Something you Found
I picked this up off the beach in Ireland. The stone has an interlocking double ring on the other side.

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  1. Ahh, another fellow word-smith during this A to Z. This is a good choice for L. Being an IT guy, I can’t say I understand how it feels but I can understand how people could develop this fear (or have it from the get-go). Good word.

    1. Me too! I remember working at my dad’s office for a ‘take your kids to work’ day and he sat me at this terminal that was running this text-logic game that was the COOLEST!

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