O for Overjoyed (and a little overwhelmed)

We interrupt our regularly scheduled O post, (we were going to talk about onomatopoeia) to bring you this exciting announcement:

I just got word that I am one of seven writers selected to attend the Norman Mailer Writers Colony Summer Workshop this June in Provincetown, MA. It is a week-long intensive writing workshop for YA writers held on Cape Cod with novelist Lenore Hart.

I applied on the advice of an old friend who is also a creative writing professor. After the humbling experience of preparing my “personal statement” and my bio -which was scary considering I have absolutely no writing credentials to my name- I figured it was a lost cause. But still, you can’t get anywhere if you don’t try… I printed off my writing sample and got the application in order and sent it off a hair ahead of their deadline weeks ago.

The acceptance email arrived today and I was just stunned. I mean, I love to write. I think I am decent at it. My family and friends who have read my stuff always give good feedback… but I never really know if I’ve got enough of whatever *it* is, you know?

I am so excited! The workshop is in Norman Mailer’s house in Provincetown, MA. I’ll have my own little condo and OMG SEVEN DAYS OF WRITING!! *keels over*

Hubby’s looking at me looking at the 4 spawn and thinking out loud, “You’re going to be gone for how long?”

I think I’ll have to call in a few favors on child care.


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  1. OMG (and I don’t usually use that because I just can’t pull it off)!!! I am dancing around and squeeing for you! That sounds incredible! Congratulations!

    And I am just about to start writing my personal statement for my MFA application, so if you have any tips, I’m all ears!

  2. Congrats!!! That sounds incredibly awesome, and I can actually feel your excitement in your post!! :D :D
    Have a kickass week at the work shop!! :D
    PS:Love your blog! :D

  3. That is soooo awesome!! Congrats, congrats.

    Wait, I seem to be experiencing an uncomfortable sensation. What is that?

    Oh I know–JEALOUSY!

    It sounds fantastic. Enjoy it.

  4. Thank you everyone for celebrating with me!! I am just over the moon. I booked my flights and chose to skip the teeny Cessna in favor of a ferry ride, and cannot WAIT. I am also glad I have sometime to work on my new WIP before I go. :)

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