It is P day in the a-to-z and that is starting to feel so close to the end. Where has April gone?  I found a doozy for you today… from our old friends in Ancient Greece:

[poly-flo-isumptin sumptin O_o]
Making an incredible racket; anything that makes a terrible noise.

I remember when this movie came out and I wished I could hear what Carolanne heard. “They’re here…”  Not so much anymore.  Might not have been an incredible racket, but it was certainly a terrible noise.

I found one site that gives a neat talk about polyphloisboian and states a literal translation from ancient Greek as “heavy-thundering”.

Living in a house full of young kids, I could probably find ways to weave this word into my vocabulary on a daily basis.  “Stop all that polyphloisboian activity this instant!”  That might stupefy the spawn into a ponderous silence, followed by the giggles.

My 2011 post:  P for Petard

Today’s #photoadayapril prompt: hair
Me, hiding behind mine:

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