I won’t comment on the irony at how I have almost missed today’s post considering the subject matter…

Q is for Quarry. Not just the rocky kind where Fred Flintstone works. Quarry as in PREY! And in my case, we’re talking about Prey as in GOALS.

I have a friend who refers to me sometimes as one of the “best follow-throughers she knows.” Now, I am not sure about that, I can procrastinate right alongside the best of them, but I can also get things done when I really want to and I am sure that on the outside, that is what my friend sees. She doesn’t get to see when I play hooky and read all day while the kids are in school or that I take afternoon naps so regularly that my dogs can sense the signs and will already be snuggled into “their spots” when I arrive for the siesta. #truestory

Something I have realized is that mindfully setting a goal, all by itself, can help you achieve it. Before you have even taken that first step, the simple act of identifying a goal and writing it down makes a difference. Instead of wandering the world with a vague idea in your mind, setting a goal down in writing forces your mind to zero in on your quarry.

For me, the trick is to be as specific as possible when setting goals. “I want to finish my novel this summer” is not the same as “I am going to write at least a chapter a week in the hope of completing my novel by August.”

One of the greatest things about being a writer is the freedom, it is also one of the worst things. In the wrong hands, free time can be a nightmare! That is where a goal comes in handy. Sometimes it can be just the thing to get you back on track and keep your quarry in focus.

PS. I have just written down “I will write at least one chapter a week.” I hope this gets me moving now that I have told you all. ;)

My Q Read: Queen of Sorcery by David Eddings (the Belgariad Book 2) LOVE!!

My Q Listen: A Quitter Never Wins by Jonny Lang – close your eyes and picture the smoky bar…

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  1. Great post, Corinne, you are totally on the right track. Small, manageable goals will get you to the end much faster.

    Yay for the Belgariad!!! <3

  2. “One of the greatest things about being a writer is the freedom, it is also one of the worst things” – that is SO true! I’m learning more and more about the importance of setting goals. Without them, I don’t seem to get much done. I’m the type of person who’s not really all that competitive except with myself, so if I set a goal, I want to reach it and I’ll usually do whatever it takes, and then feel really good once I’m accomplished it. Great post! :-)

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