#atozchallenge – R for Resipiscence

Take a trip down memory lane with me, would you?  One of the soundtracks of my childhood is Donna Summer.  I so wanted to be her. I can picture my sisters and I playing the record over and over on this one night, but for the life of me I can’t remember where we were. The room was a study in brown. With shag carpeting. And paneling. The Donna Summer Album was hot on the charts…  Whenever I think about the 70s, I think about the Son of Sam (the .44 caliber killer!) disco music, and Donna Summer. 

Noun – acknowledgment that one has been mistaken

When she knew she had made a mistake, Donna Summer sang these words over and over again (with Barbara Streisand) in a fabulous and somewhat resipiscent song called No More Tears:

Enough, is enough, is enough
I can’t go on, I can’t go on no more, no
Enough, is enough, is enough
I want him out, I want him out that door now

Sounds to me like someone has seen the light…

My 2011 Post: R for Riffle

Today’s #photoadayapril prompt: Something you drew.
So, playing draw something and the word was DISCO… I had to give Donna her due. Writing this makes me want to head over to iTunes for some shopping.

The Disco Diva Herself

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