#atozchallenge -S for Simplicity

I learned a lesson recently about simplicity. More is better. More simplicity equals more balance. More balance is good.  In fact, it should be a goal that we all set for ourselves.

It is so hard to simplify sometimes. But you really should give it a try. I think that as technology increases in our lives the expectation for us to multi-task continues to grow.  I used to be on fire with my ability to manage it all, a hundred balls in the air, and more ideas coming behind those.

Like so many people I know, my everyday is consumed by kids (4) and their school and activities, household stuff for six of us (the laundry alone is cringe-worthy). On top of this is work, volunteering, my writing, socializing so I do not become a hermit, and all the other things that I need and want to do. 

Sometimes it feels like it will never slow down enough to take a breather. 

A couple of years ago I hit a wall with all of the stuff in my life, and realized that above all things, we really needed to simplify.

From limiting the number of activities my kids could sign up for, keeping a paper calendar (writing appointments helps me miss less of them), instituting regular ‘pajama days’, to starting to say “no” to some stuff, and mindfully removing a lot of the physical clutter in our house (not anywhere near done with that btw), things started to feel so much lighter.  When you have less going on in your brain, and you’re seeing less “stuff” in your house, your mind opens.

We have lots of plans this summer. They involve spending as much time at the pool as possible, camping, and hanging out. I can’t wait for school to get out.  I intend to keep us as underbooked as possible.  This way we can hang out together, relax, and regroup in time for the fall to when school begins again and life gets more hectic.

What have you done to mindfully simplify?

My S Read: The Stand (unabridged) by Stephen King

My S Listen:  The Underdog by Spoon

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