#atozchallenge -T for Telary

Telary: of or pertaining to a web.

In case you have not noticed over the course of my adventures through the alphabet on this #atozchallenge blogfest, I really enjoy words that are specific and precise.  This one speaks to the writer in me.

Source: AllPosters.com

As a writer (telarian?), I can only hope to spin a story as beautiful as the web above to entice you to linger of your own accord (and not because I have stuck you in a sticky mess from which you cannot escape!) muaha ha hahhhhaaa

My T Read: The Twelfth Card by Jeffrey Deaver

My T Listen: Take a Bow by Muse

P.S. Don’t google “spiders” or “amazing spiders”. Because I did and then I had to wash out my eyes.  You’ve been warned.

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