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#atozchallenge -T for Telary - Corinne O'Flynn

Telary: of or pertaining to a web.

In case you have not noticed over the course of my adventures through the alphabet on this #atozchallenge blogfest, I really enjoy words that are specific and precise.  This one speaks to the writer in me.

Source: AllPosters.com

As a writer (telarian?), I can only hope to spin a story as beautiful as the web above to entice you to linger of your own accord (and not because I have stuck you in a sticky mess from which you cannot escape!) muaha ha hahhhhaaa

My T Read: The Twelfth Card by Jeffrey Deaver

My T Listen: Take a Bow by Muse

P.S. Don’t google “spiders” or “amazing spiders”. Because I did and then I had to wash out my eyes.  You’ve been warned.

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  1. Thank you Gail. :)

    Wise choice Rhonda, trust me. Especially for you living down under where I hear the creatures are as big as cars. ;) I think I am going to order that picture as a print from the linky there. I just love it!

  2. Interesting word and awesome picture. I did it. I googled spiders but only because they’re images so they don’t freak me out too much. Plus I think their eyes are neat looking.

  3. Patricia and LTM – when you see the one of the nest of hundreds of spiders on the ceiling, and there are more than one of those babies on the googler… imagine me running from my office screaming. 8O

  4. Love your journey through all the hard words in the dictionary. LOL

    Deaver is just a great author!! I’ve read several of his books, but not that one.

  5. Spiders must be googled!

    They have these crazy things called Cane Spiders out here in Hawaii. They’re like the greyhound of tarantulas. They run so fast it looks like they’re galloping.


    but the word “telary” is very cool. But can it be made into an adverb??? (*writers inside joke alert)

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