Howdy do! I have been slaving away at my writerly edits today, and now that I have finished (for now) I can get to the really important stuff, which is today’s word for the #atoz.

Any Dickens Fans out there.  Me ME!  *waves hand*

Noun – a perfect model of deportment and behavior
from Mr. Turveydrop, in Dickens’ Bleak House

Oh, when I saw this word I was brought back to pages of Bleak House. A ginormous read, and a rather amazingly crafted tale for its enormity and overlapping weave of a story.  If you have not read it, I can recommend it or its audio version as well. Just a magnificent book.  I remember learning about the Chancery Court that is a central part of this story, and how Dickens’ description of the workings of the court were fairly true to form. (Which is not good.  Scary, even)

Within the tome, we come upon Old Mr. Turveydrop.  He is a self-proclaimed “model of deportment” and in fact, spends every waking moment strutting around like a preening rooster and posing in perfect stances, working at all times to improve and display his impeccably manners and flawless appearance. Of course, in reality, he is a complete ass and an oblivious leech. Living off his son, named Prince Turveydrop, who ekes out a living running his little dance academy in order to support his useless fop of a father.

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  1. *Waves hand* Dickens fan!!! The names of characters were as important to the stories as their descriptions. And Dickens was also a painless way to learn about history/customs in Victorian England :-)

  2. I love words that derive from literature! Malapropism is another word that has its origins from a fictional character. I’m going to have to remember this and try to use it in a sentence when I can.

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