#atozchallenge -U for Ugsome

Ugsome: Ugly, offensive, loathsome, repellent.

If ever a word deserved to make a comeback, it has to be ugsome.  Along with egads, which I actually do use in my everyday vocabulary, ugsome (which I do not) feels like such a fabulous way to be negative with style.  Who knows, the uninitiated might even think you’re paying them a compliment.

“Egads Ethel, that centerpiece you’ve made for the Thanksgiving table out of used hot rollers is really quite ugsome.”

You could also bring it to life by hosting an annual “Ugsome Sweater Party“. If you do, please invite me, I haz a doozy!

Happy U Day!

My U Read: You by Charles Benoit

My U Listen: Under the Bridge by Red Hot Chili Peppers

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