TGIF!!  X is such a strange letter, and all the words that begin with x are sadly relegated to such specific places in discussion. While researching X words for you today, I discovered that most of the words that begin with xyl have something to do with wood.  Like, xylan which is a gelatinous compound found in wood. Or xylem, the woody portion of a plant, and of course xylocarp which could only be hard and woody fruit.  Who knew?  Not I.

And so it is with pleasure that I give you a non-woody word for X today, consider it my gift to you:

noun: A compulsory gift. Also a present given to a guest.

Growing up, whenever we would go to a party or any gathering of family or friends, my mother would insist that we never arrive empty-handed. We would stop at a bakery for a box of assorted cookies or the liquor store for a bottle of wine.  As an adult today, I find myself doing the same thing. Rare is the occasion that I would go somewhere and not bring something. Who knew there was a word for this?  From now on I will make a point of stating that I am leaving a few minutes early in order to pick up my xenium.

My 2011 Post: X for Xesturgy

Today’s #photoadayapril prompt: Somewhere you’ve been
We took an RV trip to CA and read all about the Donner party as we came through this part.  *shivers from the cold (and the story)*

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    1. Yes, I guess it is! I should begin teaching my kids to say thank you for the xenium they receive at the end of their friends’ birthday parties. :)

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