*yawn* Holy cow the A-to-Z challenge is exhausting!  I know several bloggers who manage more than one blog and are doing the a-to-z on all of them… yoiks! 

As a Bronx kid, it must come as no surprise that today’s Y word is:

Noun – fabulousness.

Did you know they started in Baltimore?  It’s true.  See all the details here.

I could go on about the Yankees… but… it’s Saturday and there is a party going on in these parts.  I am actually on my way to a fundraiser where we will be bidding on CAKES!  Hold me back!

My 2011 Post: Y for Yclept

What’s cool about posting last yaer’s words is that I remember almost all of their definitions! Never stop learning people!

Today’s #photoadayapril prompt: 1PM
So, my world at 1pm was surrounded by people in uniform:

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  1. I’ll stand cautiously aloof from the Yankees- or any other sports-related fandom :)

    Party time here too, soon. I am cooking up some curries for friends. Great excuse to drink beer.

    I love “yclept”. Somehow, I remembered it from Chaucer rather too many decades ago.

  2. The Yankees make me think of another ‘y’ word… Yuck! lol… sorry, I had to. It is my civic duty as a Red Sox fan to say “Yankees suck”…then crawl into a hole before getting beaten to death by those 27 Championship banners.

    I’ll let myself out…

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