[brō’mĭ-drō’sĭs] noun

Fetid or foul-smelling perspiration. Also called osmidrosis.

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And we arrive at the lovely letter B, and this incredible word. I wonder, why do we call our hygiene products antiperspirant and deodorant when there is so much potential for amazing marketing with the two words above?

I’d love to see a throw-back product line of hair and body products that include things like Brycreem and Macassar Oil  and, of course, some newly fangled under-arm care bars and rolls and sprays with equally terrific names like: Bro-midrosis (for him) and a specially scented B-Midro roll on cream for her.  Or unisex PitBro, and NOMOdrosis.

The possibilities!  What would you call your line of anti-bromidrosis body products?

My 2012 Word: Borborygmus

Today’s #fmsphotoaday prompt: BLUE

Behold my three blue crystals for the throat chakra: communication. I carry these with me for energy around my writing.

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  1. A new word to add to my vocabulary, but hopefully not to my condition. I always like the brand names that tell me what the product does, like Smell-B-Gon or Odor-Away.

  2. Hi from the A-Z challenge! I love this post! I guess it’s clear that whoever made deodorant wasn’t really a writer, nor did they have any punny sense of humor. :)

  3. Wow… now that’s a rough job… “What do you do for a living?” “I’m a Bromidrosis Sniffer…”

    Yeah… why not call deodorant “Anti-fetid Schtuff?” :)

    LOL I always love your AtoZ Words

  4. Lovely writing. Concise, to-the-point and insanely upsetting to the more timid crowd. I like that a lot.

    I’ve just started blogging for the first time with this A to Z Challenge and am learning a lot from other blogs. But yours just gave me a master class in how to come at your readers out of left field. Many thanks for the inventive invective.

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