Baby Hummingbirds Have Hatched!

So, I’ve been tinkering with a new website in wordpress over here and shared a photo post about this beautiful hummingbird that was lingering outside my kitchen window daily. The first shot I got of her was a rainy morning, and it is in the slideshow on the new site. She is all fluffed up. You can read and see that here.

After locating the tiny nest, I began checking it daily. Mama bird would hover if I arrived and she was out. But we shared a glance and I think she knew I posed no threat as I peeked into her nest a spotted a couple of the tiniest eggs I have ever seen.

The last few days I’ve been able to see little feathery backs breathing in the nest, but they were always tucked away from view.

Well, look who’s awake! Note the size of their beaks in relation to the pine needles. The distance between their eyes is about a quarter inch. They are just incredibly small.

Here’s a shot of mama bird hanging out in the tree next door as I said hello to her babies.

Such a rare treat to capture hummingbirds like this. Well, at least for me it is!

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