December 16, 2010

Hello again, hello.  I experienced my first Super Diamond concert last month, and those lyrics are singing in my head as I write.  If you have not yet partaken of the greatness that is SD… you must.

Since attending the Rocky Mountain SCBWI conference back in September I have been offline getting my manuscript polished up. Again.  Nothing like a conference to make you rethink everything, you know?  

I swear, given more time I would probably continue to edit and revise and refine this book until it was something altogether different and unrecognizable from its original self.  Not to mention the damage I can do after attending a conference, webinar or reading a blog post from an agent or an editor that speaks of some flaw that I most certainly have peppered throughout my book.  I have cried uncle.  Enough.  I have to put this baby down.

Its out of my hands, actually.  I just sent it off to a couple of publishing folks and finally feel at peace.  Making the decision to call it ready and send it off made me more angst ridden than I am now.  Actually, I was on a deadline after the conference, so even that made it easier.  My part is done.  I think I’ll start querying in earnest after the holidays.  

Tomorrow marks the first anniversary of my book’s inception.  It has been trolling through my mind like a big secret for more than ten years, and now I have tens of thousands of words on hundreds of pages and can finally say she is complete and shopping for a home.  I even made a little mini website for her.  Check it out.  :)

Happy Holidays folk.  Please be safe.  Do not throw food.  No drinking and driving.  And remember there is always room for marshmallows!

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