Guess whose blog is having a birthday today?  That’s right!  On this day six years ago, my little blog rose from the ashes like a digital phoenix, and has never looked back again.

Oddly, as I went back in time to peruse the old posts, I noticed that all of the formatting has been lost.  Oh well.  Onward!

E.T.A: I am a writer, not a mather… and I think I have counted wrongly. But, this video brings me back to the days when I was six myself, and so it stays. Deal with it.

I wish I could shower you with presents to celebrate, but, that is just not to be.  
I’ve been keeping my head down working the last couple of weeks as I get my head around the fabulousness that was Big Sur in the Rockies. It’s the workshop that’s done by Andrea Brown Lit and they held it in Colorado this year. A. Maz. Ing.  There really aren’t words for what’s left over of my blown mind. 
In other news, I just learned that Neil Gaiman is coming to The Tattered Cover some time later this year, and tickets (the purchase of the book gets you in) go on sale right before my birthday. Coincidence? I think not.  
What’s interesting about this is that I have already pre-ordered a signed copy of his new book from another event and so just might find myself with extra *signed* copies of OCEAN AT THE END OF THE LANE when that day comes, if luck is shining on me. Or, that is to say…shining on YOU!  Nobody really needs TWO signed copies of anything… Maybe I’ll just have to give it away to one lucky blog reader. We shall see, my friends.  We shall see.
For mother’s day my family bought me a sodastream soda machine! I’ve been off the coca cola for *checks the ‘days since’ app* 118 days!  If you don’t count that accidental sip that totally grossed me out around day 80 and then there was an on purpose sip on day 111 that gave me a headache and caused a full body squeamish shiver. 
Yes, I think it is safe to say that I am cured of the soda. (finally!) So this machine is totally cool.  It carbonates the tap water, to which I add a dollop of unsweetened fruit juice and two drops of liquid stevia.  Tonight I’m enjoying black cherry.  OMG yummy.
It comes with all kinds of syrup, which the kids are taste testing. So far, the consensus is the root beer tastes right, but is almost too sweet. That’s saying something if my children think anything is too sweet. 
Check it out

I’m reading this book an writing short stories that has me totally engrossed. I am also reading THE NIGHT CIRCUS, which I just love.  I had to put it down while I tend to other things, and it calls to me. The imagery is just so… enchanting. Yes, it is enchanting.

Thanks for stopping by! 

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  1. I’ve been debating getting the soda machine for my husband who loves seltzer water. Guess I’ll look into it some more. Happy blog birthday! I don’t even remember when I started mine, have to go and look. I have read Night Circus and fluctuate between wanting a movie made of it and not wanting that, because of exactly what you said, I love the imagery and don’t know if anyone could come up with what I have in my mind…

  2. Happy Blogoversary!

    I wanted to stop by and thank you for visiting my blog during Monday’s Blitz. All of your comments made my day a good one! I’m glad you enjoyed the video. Collins is a great poet. I highly recommend Ted Kooser as well. Have a wonderful weekend.

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