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Build Your Audience with a Facebook LIKE Box - Corinne O'Flynn

As I start down this road of indie publishing, I am already benefiting tremendously due to the incredible openness and sharing of the indie pub community. In that spirit, I plan to share the things I know and the things I learn along the way. Today I’d like to share a powerful little platform-building tool.

You’ve heard it a million times: If you’re an author today, you need to have your social media platform online and hopefully growing every day. Most of the tools you need to get your platform online are simple enough to use, but how do you get them all hooked together and streamlined?

One simple way is to create your own Facebook like box for your website or blog. I can hear you rolling your eyes, thinking: Facebook? Really? Well, I say yes. Really. I am of the mind that there’s no such thing as having too many ways for people to reach you. Also, I had no idea how to add one of these boxes before, and got very excited when I saw how simple it was.  The Facebook Developer has a nifty tool for you to create different types of like-and sharing links, like this one for my page:


I don’t have any case studies on this, but I can tell you that a link box like the one above helped my nonprofit audience grow by connecting our website to our Facebook page. This allowed people who came to our website to see *and like* our page without having to click over to Facebook, search for the page, find it, and then (hopefully) like it. (That’s a lot of clicks and time you’re asking for!)

A link like this one is active in that it only functions when the person viewing  it 1) has a Facebook account and 2) is logged in. But these days, the odds are in your favor, making this a worthwhile choice, IMHO.



Do you have an author page on facebook?
Leave a link in the comments and we can like each other. It will be a like-fest!


How To Make Your Own Facebook Page LIKE Box
  1. Go to the Facebook Dev page HERE
  2. Choose the type of linking you want to add to your site from the list on the left
  3. Enter your data in the form
  4. Click “get Code”
  5. Choose your code type from the tabs at the top of the code box. I chose iframe, which felt like the simplest option for what I was trying to achieve. It doesn’t require secondary code in my template and can be put anywhere.
  6. Copy and paste the code (Might be wise to save it to notepad or other safe place so you don’t lose it.)
  7. Paste the code into your site. You will have to flip over to the HTML code side in most cases in order to make embedded code function properly.

That’s it! I hope you are able to use this little tutorial to get your own facebook like box active and build your audience.

Don’t you just *love* the internet?


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