Hello and welcome to all the new A-to-Z’ers that have stopped by so far!  It’s so great meeting new bloggers, and especially fun to see several of you also doing a word a day. I hope to make it back to all of your blogs very soon!

Today is Day 3, which means we are featuring the lovely letter C.  Which is for Corinne, and is also for:


Having beautifully proportioned buttocks.

The Greeks have a word for everything, it seems. And why should this be any exception? Yet another word that makes me sad with its disuse. I mean, even -pyge, which means buttocks, might still have certain applications in the modern world. Think of all the products we could rename!  There should be a chain of lingerie shops called Pygea’s Secret. And don’t forget pygeahose… I think I’m on to something.

The Venus Callipyge
As an aside: This statue above was done by an unknown artist. Can you imagine crafting something out of marble that seems to be rather amazing to my pedestrian eyes, and somehow people forget it was your work?  I mean, really.  How long do you think that took… and to go down forever as: artist unknown.  Such a tragedy of Greek proportions!. 
In other news: I’ve discovered this related word during my research: 
uropygium – n. – The prominence at the posterior extremity of a bird’s body, which supports the feathers of the tail; the rump; — sometimes called pope’s nose  <———-  O_o  hahahahahahaaaa!
My 2012 word: Clerihew
Today’s #fmsphotoaday: Something that starts with A:
Cutie Pie!  Mr. A
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  1. Pope’s nose??? That’s awesome. This is a great word too. Thanks for sharing :)

    Any lost knowledge makes me twitch a little, ie. the thought of all the manuscripts that are still out there, lost somewhere. Mostly, though, all the old books that have been destroyed!

    1. See, I think that if we brought the words back by using them on things like marketing products, the global vocabulary would increase dramatically! Once you know it, you know it!

  2. I never thought of the tragedy of the “Unknown Artist”! That is so sad.

    I love your cool words for the AtoZ Challenge. I look forward to checking back in to expand my vocabulary. Thanks :)

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