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2020-2021 Author-Publisher Planner!

Hola! Back by popular demand, the 2020-2021 Planner has returned! This is a planner that is created by an author for authors, and with added features and design based on feedback from author-customers.People

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Exhibitor Bootcamp with Denver Pop Culture Con!

Wahoo!The Exhibitor Bootcamp class I taught yesterday with Lisa Manifold at Denver Pop Culture Con was a hit! I'm excited to share that it was recorded, and will be available online on the Denver Pop Culture

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Get LUMEN5 for Free Until April 30

The folks at AppSumo have a killer deal on LUMEN5 social media video maker. If you get it and activate by April 30th, it’s free for a year. And, you don’t have to enter credit card info in

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Get your ZZZs for Productivity #atozchallenge

We did it!  We’ve completed the A-to-Z challenge of 2015 and boy am I tired! It’s the perfect time to talk about Z.    Sleep. It’s like a gift from the gods. And you need to make

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Say Yes! for Productivity #atozchallenge

  There’s a saying that goes: If you want help getting things done, ask a busy person. And there is something to that. Its easy to get things done when you’re going and going all the time.

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Visibility, Want, and (no) eXcuses! The #atozchallenge on Productivity

We’re in the home stretch of the a-to-z and today we’ve got a 3-fer! V for Keep Your Goals Visible All this talk about writing your goals down and making sure you keep track of your next actionable

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