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Tuesday’s Blog Party

Many of you who know me will likely already know or know of the Whitt family, and their twin daughter Tuesday whose 8 month battle with cancer ended tragically on January 30, 2009. I’ve only recently

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The enormity of it all

This week marks a pair of amazing events that will forever change two families, and through association, me and so many of their friends. One couple is in Africa preparing to meet their son and bring

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51 Days until the BolderBoulder!

Transformation Day: 43 Weight loss: 8 lbs Total body inches lost: 3 (I lost 6″ at my hips (!!), but my firmer arms and legs are offsetting, lol!) Mood: Excited! Today is day 43 of my “fitness

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Jury still out on The Shack

A group of friends and I have been getting together for drinks every week or so, and recently started talking about the book The Shack. I hadn’t read it, have no desire to be honest. It is not

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A snapple a day…

OK – I am back… have you missed me? I have been so wildly busy rearranging my life, and now, dear Readers, I have simplified and focused, cleaned my house, had a near-death experience with

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Walk to Remember

The road of planning this event was long. For those of you who don’t know how it came to be that I was involved in this event, it was unexpected and unplanned. The fabulous ladies who founded

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