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Emotional project…

Some very dear friends and I make up the board of directors for Walk to Remember, an annual memorial event for bereaved parents. This will be this event’s 5th year, but our first year as a group.

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Adoption Stalker!

My friends Jill, Jenny and I were adoption stalkers last night. Well, not really, because they knew we were coming, but we were parked outside my friends Jen and Brian’s house last night as they

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For the history books, indeed!

Here we have a fabulous blooper and I just needed to share:

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Those little things… creepin up on ya!

It was a day like any other day… it was a Thursday… and I had dinner plans with friends. I woke up at 7ish to a child poking me with a finger on my nose. Mama, you change me? I send my

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Reality TV

You want to know something? I think we all have the capacity to be really nasty people. I think that deep inside many of us would like nothing more than to speak our minds when we are feeling put upon,

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Obama, McCain, Joan Rivers, and The Dixie Chicks!

Last night, my friends Rebecca, Jen and I attended The Gabriel Foundation charity fundraiser at Cableland in Denver. The Gabriel Foundation is a “parrot welfare organization licensed by the State

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