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Obama, McCain, Joan Rivers, and The Dixie Chicks!

Last night, my friends Rebecca, Jen and I attended The Gabriel Foundation charity fundraiser at Cableland in Denver. The Gabriel Foundation is a “parrot welfare organization licensed by the State

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It is a phase

Not to be left out of any shenanigans at our house, my youngest has found extreme happiness in the dress-up bin. Not one to try and mold my child into anything other than who he really is, I am loathe

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SOFT Conference – So much to share.

SOFT or Support Organization for Trisomy 18, 13, and Related Disorders has their 22nd Annual Conference here in Denver this week. I am a late-comer to the event committee, and have had the pleasure of

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The Court of Public Opinion

I read this today, and feel like the world has gone completely mad. In this article, A father of three was in a park in the UK taking pictures of his younger two having fun on an inflatable slide. Instead

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Remembering my mom…

We rented “Grace is Gone” and watched it last night. It is the story of a father, played by John Cusack in a powerfully heavy way, and his two young daughters aged 12 and 8 years –

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Gimmie a Break!

What’s next… racist cry to crayola to ban certain crayons? Food Coloring – Dallas County, Texas, official is calling the terms black hole, angel food cake and devil’s food cake

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