Changing the View for Writing

The other day my friend emailed me lamenting her lack of writing time this summer to date. Reading her note I nodded along. I know, I know… it’s so much harder in the summer and there is no routine.

I admit, a small part of me, well, maybe a medium sized part felt that joy you get when you see someone else’s kid having a five-alarm tantrum in the grocery store and realize that these things don’t just happen to you.

But that didn’t make me feel any better. Not really. It doesn’t help either of us to be slumping. We need to keep each other boosted up! So I looked around and decided to move out of my office and take my little laptop to a different space, hoping my friend and I would find the juju and enhance each other through osmosis.

And we had a miracle happen. Here’s where I got 54 pages edited the other day:

I went back out there again and was able to catch up on three critiques (~60 pgs) owed to my patient and wonderful critique group, too!

So, I’m heading out again. The kids are worn out from geocaching this morning and I’ve got my next few chapters queued up on the mini, the laundry is on and I have my drink.

Wish me luck!

PS – Saw Star Trek – HOLY COW!!  Loved the tie in with what comes in the far away future for the Enterprise. So amazing.

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