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Today we’re taking a break from the A-to-Z Challenge and have I got a treat for you!  My blog friend, author Toby Neal, has enjoyed excellent success with her self-published book BLOOD ORCHIDS.  Toby wanted to share her secrets and what common-sense things she did that helped her find that success and has written a no-nonsense minibook which does just that. Trust me, I’ve read it. The info contained in this little gem will help anyone who is building an author platform.

But before we talk about that, Toby shares a little about Daydreaming and how that led to this minibook:

Daydreaming. We all do it. Happens in a nanosecond, probably happened when you clicked on the link opening this blog.

So many functions to it too: rehearsing, storing in long term memory, coming up with new ideas.

Staving off boredom, escaping difficult situations, anticipating worst-case scenarios.

The thing that seems to make daydreaming more ‘effective’ or potentially useful, is meta-cognition- the ability to observe oneself daydreaming and reflect upon the content and application of the daydream. Those who can “think about their thinking” are more likely to harvest the creativity inherent in such a universal pleasure.

Too much negative daydreaming can lead to depression/anxiety disorders according to several major studies (which I am too lazy to include.) Suffice to say, if you can, re-direct your catastrophic daydream to one of saving the world to improve your mood and even come up with good new blog topics for the A to Z Blog Challenge.

I recently daydreamed up the idea for a minibook, How to Build an Author Platform That Can Launch Anything. It came as I struggled with the lengthy blog post I was doing on how social media and Amazon got Blood Orchids into the limelight…and suddenly I was imagining a little e-book with all whole story reaching a lot more authors than my blog ever could.

How has daydreaming helped or hindered you?


About Building an Author Platform That Can Launch Anything: a Social Media Minibook:

Effective steps to building an author platform that can take advantage of free programs and launch any book into visibility and better sales.

Self published or not, today’s authors have to develop their own “platform” for reaching book buyers. This power-packed 20 page booklet contains tips based on author Toby Neal’s sales and psychology background and experience with her bestselling crime novel, Blood Orchids. These secrets maximize social media to build an author platform that can bring fast, wide-ranging visibility and increased sales to any book. 

Available on Amazon as e-book.

About Blood Orchids
Hawaii is palm trees, black sand and blue water—but for policewoman Lei Texeira, there’s a dark side to paradise.

Lei has overcome a scarred past to make a life for herself as a cop in the sleepy Big Island town of Hilo. On a routine patrol she finds two murdered teenagers—one of whom she’d recently busted. With its echoes of her own past, the murdered girl’s harsh life and tragic death affect Lei deeply. She becomes obsessed—even as the killer is drawn to Lei’s intensity, feeding off her vulnerabilities and toying with her sanity.

Despite her obsession with the case and fear that she’s being stalked, Lei finds herself falling in love for the first time. Steaming volcanoes, black sand beaches and shrouded fern forests are the backdrop to Lei’s quest for answers—and the stalker is closer than she can imagine, as threads of the past tangle in her future. Lei is determined to find the killer—but he knows where to find her first.

One of over 51 five star reviews on Amazon:

Hawaiian Background for a Fast Paced Mystery

“In this fast-paced mystery set in Hawaii, we follow police officer Lei Texeira as she and her partner stumble upon a grisly find–two murdered teenagers. Lei knew one of the girls and is determined to find her killer though her help is not wanted by the lead detective on the case, Stevens.

As the multi-layered story unfolds, Lei’s past history becomes apparent, casing a psychological shadow which colors everything she does from dealing with a disturbing stalker to the unwanted attention of a neighbor. More murder victims turn up, and Lei becomes the target of a serial killer.

Blood Orchids is one of those books that once you start you won’t be able to put it down. Author Toby Neal, a native of Hawaii, adds plenty of island atmosphere to this fast moving tale of murder and suspense and a healthy sprinkling of romance.”
-Marilyn Meredith

Get Blood Orchids: 
Available on Amazon as ebook and print
Available on Barnes and Noble, print only

About Toby Neal:Toby Neal was raised on Kauai in Hawaii. She wrote and
illustrated her first story at age 5 and has been published in magazines
and won several writing contests. After initially majoring in
journalism, she eventually settled on mental health as a career and
loves her work, saying, “I’m endlessly fascinated with people’s
stories.” She enjoys many outdoor sports including bodyboarding, scuba
diving, beach walking, gardening and hiking. She lives in Hawaii with
her family and dogs.

Toby credits her counseling background
in adding depth to her characters–from the villains to Lei Texeira, the
courageous and vulnerable heroine in the Lei Crime Series.

Visit Toby’s Blog:

About the Author Corinne

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  1. Great post! I’m a big daydreamer, Toby. That’s how I create many plot lines and story ideas, actually. My husband laughs because he’ll often catch me sitting lost in thought and he considers me “working.” I say that means I have about the best job in the world.

  2. Just a note…I’ve read Blood Orchids and fell in love with Toby’s writing. I can’t wait for the sequel.

    I also bought her new ebook on marketing platforms and it’s terrific. When I get my first novel completed and ready to self-publish, I’ll be following her every step towards success.

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