Do the Write Thing for Nashville – I won one!

I am stoked!  STOKED!  Did I mention the stoked part?

In case you haven’t heard, there is one heck of a fundraiser going on over at Do the Write Thing for Nashville Flood Relief.  Last time I saw a tally, it was closing in at $9,000 and that was a few days ago… how wonderful and incredible to see the writing community come out in force like this.  *warm fuzzies*

I had been busy bidding on this little gem:

Day 1 – Item 3: From Hannah Moskowitz, author of BREAK (Simon Pulse) and professional query-pusher two query critiques. She wants to make your query agent-ready, so that you can sub now. Or now. How about now?

Critiques go to two highest bidders.

I was checking the bidding hourly, and making sure I still had time.  But then I forgot that my friend was turning… well, it was her birthday that night and she was throwing herself a PROM!  Yes, my husband donned a tux and I wore pantyhose.  And so I had to go.  I made one last bid and crossed all of my fingers.  And then I lost.  (boo!)

Only the fabulousness continued when she threw in a twist and made it available to the top FOUR bidders.  And then I won. (yay!)

Hannah and I have been emailing now, we go way back (to last night).  And now she has her eyes on my query!  Once upon a time I had no idea how important a query letter was, and now… well there is only one word, say it with me:


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