Do you schedule your writing?

The image here is my little blog calendar. I find it to be both helpful and inspiring when it comes to tracking my blogging. Here it is all loaded up and ready for April’s A-to-Z Challenge. Having done this a couple of years now, I know I work better with a plan. For the A-to-Z, I plot a week in advance so when it comes time to write the posts, I have somewhere to start my thinking. 

Keeping a schedule is also motivating. It’s easy to keep up with the schedule when you’ve got momentum going for you.  Notice I chose to share the snapshot from April… *slides July’s page out of view* 

The same is not true for my writing schedule. Well, I don’t actually have a writing schedule, although I do slate out time almost every day for writing. The funny thing is that it is so hard to actually stick to that time. Why is that?

Everyone has distractions. And mine are not unique: family, working from home at the same desk where writing takes place, feeding people, the internet in general, social life…

I have a quote about writing time that sits right in front of my face daily. Decorated with fun stickers just because:

So, if JK Rowling struggles to protect her writing time, I can’t be alone in this. So, how do you do it?  How do you maintain your writing time?  Are you singing the same dirge along with me? Are you able to sit for every stolen moment or are you like me and require larger blocks of time to get into the groove and really let the juices flow?

This doesn’t take into account those times when you’re just unable to squeeze a single word out of your keyboard. I have a theory about that which I’ll address in a future post.

What say you?

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