Do you use Scrivener?

Happy New Year! I hope this new year brings you to a place of peace and contentment, and that you find yourself recommitted to whatever it is that will make your dreams come true. I am not one for resolutions but you can’t ignore the opportunity for new beginnings when the new year comes. I plan to be more mindful of my time management in order to achieve more of my goals. I used to be so methodical about managing my time, but it seems resting on my proverbial laurels has ruined my good habits.

Any of you writers out there use Scrivener? If so, I want to hear from you!  I downloaded a trial version and it seems quite useful for plotting. I am curious what you think about it overall. If you use it for your writing I wonder, what is your favorite feature?

I’ve spent some time over the weekend going through the comprehensive and very easy to follow tutorial and one feature that stands out to me is the research folder.

Looking around my office, I see paper. Lots of paper. There is paper stacked on my desk and stacked on the floor, sheets pinned on top of each other on my cork board, and a huge pile of shredding.  I find stuff and print stuff and use a lot of it, but much of the paper ends up sitting here useless. I can imagine using Scrivener to keep these digitally (most of the paper is stuff I’ve printed off the web anyway) so I envision being able to save paper and ink as well as clearing space and clutter in my writerly cave.

I also have a white board that I stopped using because I have nowhere to hang it when it is out. Not to mention the frustration when one of my children takes some spark of their own creativity to my work or a dog walks by and wipes it clean with a swish of a tail. #truestory

I want to hear from anyone who is or has been using Scrivener to find out if you utilize this research folder–or any other feature, for that matter–in a meaningful way that makes this worth switching over to. I wonder if it is convenient enough to let me break the old MS Word and Paper habit and move into storing everything electronically. Speaking of storage, it seems to save everything immediately as you go, so no more lost work – bonus!

I’ll give it a try and let you know what I think. They say it takes 21 days to create a habit so I’ll make a note on my calendar and revisit this later in the month.

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