Raise your hand if you’ve felt like your attention span has shortened from years ago. Everything is happening faster and faster. Just yesterday I saw a video on how to edit Instagram reels and it was all about cutting out every millisecond of space so your spoken words are coming right on top of each other to grab the attention of the person who is scrolling by. 

I found that startling to hear. Because I know that you have to work to grab the attention of people, but are we really going to cut all the space out and rush people? It reminds me of those fast-talking legal messages from commercials. You know? Where they squeeze 10 minutes of small print disclaimers into fifteen seconds? 

No thanks. That just isn’t the direction I am moving, personally. Maybe I am getting old, but whether or not you’re able to keep up, I think we’re all suffering under the speed of things. I know that I do, when things get frantic. I feel it in my body when things start feeling like they are moving too fast. and that’s not to say that I don’t do things quickly sometimes. But I’m talking about the external push to act and act and act…. Just jump and ask questions later. It’s almost like the world is moving into a high-pressure sales mode, but with everything. It’s like we’ve weaponized FOMO. Act now!

But there’s something else in here that is at stake when we are moving so quickly. And that’s patience. For most of us, in the best of times, Patience is often in short supply because we’re not used to allowing for the intentional use of it. 

Main points covered in this episode:

  • The cost of the speed of modern life
  • The benefits of waiting for Divine Timing
  • How to recognize Divine Timing
  • Tips for tuning into Divine Timing

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