F for Filipendulous – #atozchallenge

Adj. [fi-li-PEN-juh-luhs] From Latin filum (thread) + pendere (to hang) – Suspended by, or strung upon, a thread; said of tuberous swellings in the middle or at the extremities of slender, threadlike rootlets.

source: google

What a terrific word! And we can all use this daily when we have had enough and just want to express how fed up we are with all the mayhem and shenanigans going out of control.

“Argh,” she shouted as she stormed through the room. “I am… FILIPENDULOUS!” *slams door*

You might buy yourself extra time while your audience gapes in wonder, not at your display, but in confusion over what is actually wrong with you.

This is a botany term, however… and the name was given to this lovely creature:

Filipendula rubra source: Google

My 2012 word: Farctate

Today’s #fmsphotoaday: AIR

It’s a cloudy day here, probably the best time for air pictures!

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