Don’t you just love words?  I really, really do.

I stumbled across this gem today and just had to share. I imagine the word mogigraphia has more of a place among those of us who spend time writing longhand. Any of you out there in web-land remember when penmanship and cursive were still graded subjects in school?  My kids are still taught both but it is not something that is counted as a grade.  Sad.

As a lefty, who attended Catholic school in NYC, let me assure you it did not go well for my kind. Although I ended up with nice handwriting in spite of their attempts to cure me of my malady.

Anymore, I’m willing to bet that most ailments for writers have to do with typing like carpal tunnel or perhaps the random blister for you speed typists. 

In case you haven’t guessed, Mogigraphia, put simply, is writer’s cramp.  It comes from mogis:with difficulty, and graphe: writing. Pretty swanky.  For those of you who suffer from mogigraphia, do not despair.  There is help for you!! I give you: Penagain!  I think I might have to have this.


Happy Friday folks!  I swear I thought today was Thursday until about 3pm local time.  You almost had a haiku from me today.  Goodness, would that have caused a blog paradox? a blogadox?  We’ll never know.

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  1. Great post, Corinne. I used to have handwriting to rave about! I received compliments on it all the time. And now it has been ruined by mogigraphia due to too much computer use. I need the Penagain! I want my nice long-hand back again. Anymore, I can’t read my own writing–which is sad.

  2. A new word! My husband was a lefty taught to write with his right hand in a Catholic school. His hand writing is terrible, cramped chicken scratch. I suggested he start writing with his left hand, and he can now print beautifully. The good thing that came out of his Catholic training is that he is completely ambidextrous.

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