evil evil evil…

Have you ever felt like your computer was trying to kill you? Or maybe your monitor was taking over your brain with its magical light waves and turning you slowly into a surfing, gaping-mouthed zombie?

Perhaps those cupcakes you made are calling for you to devour them in spite of your diet? E-vil!  (I have that problem with bacon and this fabulous new peach jam I just made.)

For the writers out there, I know I can’t be the only one whose manuscript simply will not stop invading their every day, causing distraction and irritation when it refuses to yield to your demands! *cough*


Well, have no fear because you are not alone.  In fact, there are so many people dealing with the malicious and spiteful behavior from seemingly inanimate objects that they have created a word to describe just that. 

I give you:  Resistentialism.  

Defined as the apparently perverse or spiteful behavior of inanimate objects.

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  1. So there’s a name for it? My computer shuts off – occasionally, mind you – for no apparent reason. Shall I also mention my relatively new monitor that shimmers so that I’m not even sure it’s doing that. Ah yes and the fried chicken that keeps calling my name when I’ve sworn off meat for a week!

  2. I had a difficult time reading this post, as you mentioned BACON! halfway through…and I was summarily distracted. :-)) Baconlicious, baconphilia, baconessence *drools on keyboard and shorts it out*

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