Fab Word Friday – Troika

In honor of the upcoming Rule of Three Blogfest, I bring you Troika. This word comes to us alllll the way from Russia where it means, in general: three of a kind.


Specifically, it has a troika of meanings:

  1. a sled or a carriage drawn by three horses side by side
  2. a folk dance
  3. a trio

I actually knew someone who used this word in normal conversation whenever they had the opportunity to talk about three of anything…  this was my face whenever that happened:

And now about that blogfest…

We have a simple set of rules, an incredibly vivid world, a schedule, and a prompt… and at the time of this writing, 34 writers signed up to take part.  Will you be #35?  There are prizes! And it is sure to be a ton of fun.

The first posts go up on Oct 5.  I hope to have something interesting for you all!

Happy Friday!

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