There are several awesome things going on FOR YOU that I just have to share.  Contests and giveaways and just general fun stuff.  Read on:

THE LIAR SOCIETY (go now and watch the awesome video trailer, it’s ok, I will wait here.) is the debut novel by Lisa and Laura Roecker and there is a twitter and blog party going on next week to kick off the Blog Tour Of Awesome! (did you see my button?!) —-> And there is a CONTEST for 10 lucky winners to receive signed copies of the book!  Are you on twitter seeing pink hair in unlikely places and wondering what in the world is going on? Well, wonder no more. I have all the details!  Go HERE TO ENTER and read the details, and then go TO ELANA JOHNSON’S BLOG and grab your very own blog button.  Tweet #liarsociety and this link: http://bit.ly/hMkWUk (starting Monday) to your followers and get entered all next week!  Pinkify your twitter hair and get an extra entry!  Tell ’em Miss Corinne sent ya!

THE HATING GAME by Talli Roland is coming out in paperback and there is going to be a Bookosity Giveaway of Awesome Proportions going on at her blog.  If you read the list you’ll find that I’m giving away a new copy of one of my favorite books: LOVE IN THE PRESENT TENSE by Catherine Ryan Hyde at Talli’s blog.  Go there, mark your blog calendar, and get in on the action.

Speaking of contests… I won two this week!  I know, right?! One of them means good for YOU!

As part of the agreement I made when entering, I will be hosting a contest of my own here to keep the blog-chain going.  I am excited to get my eyes into THE SKY IS EVERYWHERE by Jandy Nelson.  I won this over at Paula Kay’s blog (which you should follow because its gooood) and hope you’ll come back and enter my contest in a week or so.  Here is a Mr. Linky (at the bottom of this post) (Thank you Casey!) to track all the contests happening through this chain.

I also won a copy of PLAYTHINGS OF THE GODS, and anthology of Greek Myths retold by several authors, including Lisa Gail Green who was hosting the contest.  Part of this win gets me a 10 page critique, which, next to Samoas Girl Scout Cookies, is probably my favorite thing in the universe to receive these days.

And in my final installment of awesome for today:  I woke up this morning with a brand spanking new idea for a story and have been ON FI-YAH all day!

Have a fabulous weekend!  Come see me @corinneoflynn because I can’t ever write for THAT long without brain breaks.  ;)


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  1. Wow, Corinne! Thanks for the heads-up on all the incredible contests. I am in the middle of DI mania, but I may have to check them out in the in-between hours.

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