Fun Goodies from the Interwebs

Thanksgiving break has arrived; that magical time when the family is home and my time is no longer my own.  While I steal precious moments for writing, I’ll leave you with some fun and interesting stuff.  Continuing with the theme of the week, I thought I’d share some random things found while surfing for which I am thankful.  Enjoy!

Hovercat: I can’t remember the last time an image brought me to tears… hilarious.

George Takei’s Facebook, where I found the rare and elusive hovercat.  Check out his “Wall Photos” album.  Not just the images, but his comments as well. I haven’t laughed this hard in ages.

Heart-grabbing art. My friend Susan shared this with me and I have not been able to let go of it.  I wonder what the artist intended. I believe it is open to interpretation, but for me, this is about the line between the living and the dead.  Just beautiful.  Love the music too.  Thought of you-by The Weepies.

Bookshelf Porn.  *swoon*

And what Thanksgiving celebration would be complete without:

The Cranberries!

Have a fabulous day.

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