Fun with Story Cubes

One of my children is named Rory, and while shopping for Christmas presents I stumbled upon the game Rory’s Story Cubes.  I thought it would be exceptionally clever to buy it for my sweet daughter.  Of course, someone else in our family had this very same idea and she got more than one.  I’ve had the box on my desk ever since.

I thought it would be fun to give the cubes a roll and see what story popped out.

I give you… The Tale of Sir Belwin, The Daisy Knight

Once upon a time, on a rainy night so cloudy there was no moon, a masked man found a castle with the gates unmanned and locked. He pounded the iron portcullis with his sword for a long time before a pale white hand waved at him from the window above.

“Cease the clangor, man! What do you want here?” a reedy voice called from above.
“My name is Sir Belwin, The Daisy Knight. I seek shelter in your tower, my lord. The flood has washed away my tent.”
Everyone knew the Daisy Knight to be fair and handsome, not one to hide behind a mask. 
“The Daisy Knight, you say? Be gone with you. Or I’ll send out my man and you’ll be pushing up the daisies.”

After a day of editing, this was a welcome distraction. I think I’ll keep these little babies close.  :)

Does a different story appear for you?  

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