August 14, 2013

I couldn’t resist sharing a pic of the latest of my crops. To date we’ve had a couple of tomatoes, (OMG the bruschetta was To. Die. For.) ninety zillion pounds of zucchini, and these beauties:


I called my friend to lament the zucchini situation the other day. Seriously, who knew that one plant could feed the whole state of Colorado? I wish I had known that when I planted two. And then, when I accepted a plant from a friend that she “was pretty sure was pumpkin but might be something else.”

I now have five prolific zucchini plants, and so far have given away six loaves of bread, stored four more in my freezer, am testing a chocolate zucchini cake on the family, and have to figure out what to do with these:


My friend chuckled a knowing zucchini laugh. She joked that where she’s from in Wisconsin, they have a saying that you should never leave your windows open in your car when you park it or your when you return, your back seat will be full of zucchini. You’ve been warned.

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