Getting Centered to Write Using Healing Touch

After what felt like an eternity of fighting with my revision, I have finally completed my new Chapter One for THE EXPATRIATES.  *and the crowd goes wild*

I’ve added a plot twist, changed the POV, and removed a character from my story which required a lot of shuffling in the opening scenes. Holy smokes this was a struggle!  The changes on their own have been hard enough. But on top of that September has been a fog-like month for me.

I thought with all my exercise that I’d have loads more energy, but not the case. I’ve been ramping up on the marathon plan and ran 18 miles twice and 22 miles once this month, on top of the smaller weekday training runs. Over the course of my training program I have run 237.9 miles in 2011 so far and just cannot believe it. And yet I have been consistently just wiped out by the time dinner rolls around, which means clarity and focus for writing has been tough to find. Hence my blog-silence and my inability to get my critique partners the work I owe them. (thank you all for your patience!)

I have a friend who has been working toward getting her certification to provide Healing Touch services (holistic nurturing healing energy work). I see her on a regular basis and each time have an interesting experience. Well, last night I had my appointment and complained about being in a fog and feeling totally disconnected and tired. She suggested that we do a whole-body connection and a mind clearing in addition to the ankle and knee support I have needed while running.

It took about an hour.  For those of you who are not familiar with it, you lay fully clothed on a bed or in my case a massage table, under a blanket. The room is dark and there is gentle soothing music playing. The practitioner works in the air above your body, sometimes laying hands on your energy centers or joints or hands and toes. The entire thing is so relaxing and incredibly soothing.

For those of you whose eyebrows are raised in dubiousness, hang on. After my healing session, I got home last night and finished my revision – almost 17 pages and solved a sticky dilemma with my story. I can also report that today I feel bright eyed and bushy tailed for the first time all month!

I realize alternative medicine isn’t for everyone, but I am curious if anyone out there has partaken of these interesting fruits.  Have they helped? Do you receive these services regularly? I receive massage often and I’ve mentioned Healing Touch, I’ve also tried Reiki and see a biofeedback doctor as well. I’m planning to do acupuncture soon.  What about you?

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