Happy New Year everyone!

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Reaching goals is not a fantasy!

I hope this Wednesday finds you eager to jump into 2014 with both feet, a head-full of ideas, and lots of plans to accomplish. Do you set resolutions? Me? I’ve never been successful at resolution completion. Sure, I start the year off with a nice list of things that I am going to change each year, and by the end of March, most of them have been stuffed into the back of the shelf like 90-day old pasta leftovers looking at me with their clotted eyes wondering why I am holding on to them.

Year after year, I have not successfully stopped swearing no matter how hard I try. And let’s face it: There is always room for a nice mofo here and there. And, while we’re talking about futility, there is nothing you can do to stop me from eating ALL the chunky artichoke and jalapeno dip from Costco.

So, instead of the same-old list of things that I never seem to make stick, I resolve to always be on the path of self- and home- and life- improvement and make each day an opportunity to achieve whatever goals I’ve got going on at the mo.  I plan to make plans and follow them through to the end. I’ve got big picture goals (e.g., publish the two books I have in the hopper, get the outline done for #3) but in order to get there, I’ve got many smaller goals that need to be reached in order for those to happen.

Over the past year, two friends and I started meeting weekly for personal accountability. Using WorkFlowy task list (which is free and has been amazing, btw. Check it out here, you can thank me later.) we’ve each tracked and completed so many goals. But more than that, the bigger prize this year was the lesson of momentum: Knowing that by setting relatively small goals each week, I would have a huge body of completed work done in a month, made it easy to set and stick to those weekly goals.

The three of us each got more done in 2013 than we ever would have on our own. From household stuff, to work stuff (we are each entrepreneurs), to volunteer obligations and even fun things, having someone to hold us accountable to each other made a huge difference. This fact was made even more evident by year-end when we had to quit meeting mid November for various reasons and my productivity stopped cold.

My Planning Process: So, today my goal is to get back into the weekly goal setting and tracking. I will be breaking my weekly tasks into daily tasks and analyzing my week so I can tell where I will have to work longer to make up for days when I won’t have as much time. This is key, and a little trick I learned from one of my accountability partners, thank you J! Sounds so super simple… but truly, if you make a list for your week and break it into small daily tasks you will accomplish two things.

Why it works:

  1. You will be able to visualize the job in smaller, more reachable chunks that leave you time for everything else that has to happen in your day.
  2. You will soon be able to see if a job is too big to get done in a reasonable way during a single week and set yourself up for success by planning for yourself goals that are achievable and deadlines that you can meet without losing your mind.

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Using weekly goals to build momentum. Tweet This!

The only way new things can work is if they are not totally disruptive to your normal. So, go make a couple of small goals for the week and feel the satisfaction of getting them done. As for me, I will no longer beat myself up for staying focused. I will analyze my goals on a regular basis, add new ones each week and cross those babies off! And I will protect my time with the ferocity of a troll guarding her bridge.

Listening to: Railroad Earth’s Elko album on Spotify
Reading: Chasing Windmills by Catherine Ryan Hyde
Watching: Dexter, Season 3 on Netflix —- wow!!

Cheers people!  Would love to hear what you’re up to.

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  1. I really like this post! There’s always one day of the week where I know I won’t be home for long, and I don’t know why I never thought of planning around it. Probably too busy with my unicorn. ;)

    1. Thanks! A while ago my friend started talking about her week’s plans and how she had to account for an appointment here and there and make up for it and I was like… wha?! It was eye opening for me, silly as it sounds. Not every day has the same amount of time available… makes total sense.

  2. When I was the baker at my day job, I’d make a weekly list then assign each baked good a day to do it. It really helped me get everything made without having to go into overtime. I should apply this to my writing.
    Happy new year, too, Corinne. =)

  3. I’m totally with you! I’ve been using a calendar for ages and I always break larger goals into bite sized chunks with deadlines. There’s no other way to accomplish! I don’t do resolutions either. I do goals. What’s a resolution but a wishful something you willfully forget within a couple weeks?

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