January 24, 2013

It’s a carby world out there!

My homeopath doc and I recently had a sit down wherein I was advised that, contrary to all my excuses and denials over the years, I really can’t manage everything with enzymes and probiotics. The sad truth is, I need to be gluten-free. She’s known it all along, but I have been resisting with every starchy fiber of my being. As an added bonus, I am also off all grains. And alcohol. And sugars. (for two weeks)

I died a little on the inside as she handed me a list of all the foods, and put a huge X through all the starch/carb/grains there were.  But when I reflect on how I have been feeling: sluggish, always tired, foggy headed, headaches… it is no real surprise that something’s got to go.

My friend, who is following a similar plan, rejoiced at this news and promptly sent me links to websites offering gluten-free, grain-free, and paleo-friendly recipes. Recipes and advice are flowing in from all over. So far, it’s been kind of fun and pretty tasty.

This week I made these paleo pancakes with banana and egg and baking soda. Super simple, and the kids loved them! Going to put some butter on the next batch.

Next I cheated with honey and whipped up a dozen of these grain-free Raspberry Chocolate Chip Muffins. Since they are all almond, I’ll have to pace myself! A moment on the lips, indeed!

Then, this: Because who can live on baked goodies alone? Not I.  No recipe here just sausage and veggies in an omelet that decided it wanted to be scrambled:

And on the advice of my friend, all the aging veggies that were sitting around wilting were corralled and cut up for roasting:

And then added to some broth and pureed in the pot to make this, which is so amazing to my deprived taste buds. If only I had some saltines to go with that, or a crusty hunk of baguette. *sigh*

I’ve been writing and reading a ton, trying hard to stay focused on my work – which should be getting easier as I make these changes to get rid of gluten in my diet. The good news is my doc is not a black and white kinda gal. She understand the needs of the weak.  So, I promise to be very very careful and only eat a few of the macaroons I’m fixing to whip up today. Got the ingredients all lined up:

I’ve been reading up on Paleo eating and I am pretty sure this is where I’m heading.  But for now, I am going to continue drinking tea and try not to obsess about what I’ll be eating next. Funny how that happens when you’re restricted.

If you have any great websites or recipes for me, I’d love the rec.

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    1. I know… that’s what I have been saying for years. But I’ve cried uncle. I’m now convinced that yeast overgrowth is the cause of so much of what’s wrong. You can live vicariously… or maybe I’ll be the one doing that. :D

  1. I’m gluten free (borderline Celiacs) and when the doctor first told me I’d have to cut out breads, I was like ‘But I can eat biscuits, right? Biscuits aren’t bread! And neither are croissants! And pastries! And…’ it was traumatic. But there ARE tons of good recipes out there, and I’ve gotten used to it. The first week or two was the hardest, and then it really wasn’t difficult. I’ll have to check out this Paleo eating. You’re the second person I’ve heard mention it, and I don’t know anything about it.

  2. My nephew has to be gluten free. I’m not sure if I could ever do it, but because of him I’ve tried a few gluten free foods and my mom found some good recipes so she can make goodies for him.

    1. My friend sent me the best thing ever to get me started: a shopping list. She even broke it out by store. So helpful to gather all the staples. I know that if shopping becomes difficult, I will never be able to manage this. #hateshopping

  3. Have you been tested for Celiac Disease? There’s really no need to go gluten free unless you have CD or DH.

    And if you haven’t been tested but the diet is working then you should still get tested (it will involve eating gluten again for a while though,) because Celiac Disease can involve other issues too.

    1. Thanks Anonymous! :) I have been tested and I do not have Celiac Disease, thankfully. I have the ancestry for it though and I feel for those who struggle with it. I am highly reactive to gluten and grains as far as the tests have shown so for now, I’m off them all.

  4. I’ve been gluten-free (celiac) for 10 years. My youngest son was diagnosed celiac last summer. It’s so much easier to be gluten-free now compared to a decade ago. The list of “acceptable” foods I left the hospital with in 2002 covered one page. Today, I can find a gluten-free version of anything.
    More importantly, I feel so much better. I don’t miss it, and often can’t stand the smell of it (baking bread or any fast food restaurant makes me gag). It will get easier. xo

    1. Rebecca, I was just talking about that! What a “great” time to be on a restrictive diet. Between the internet and all the cookbooks out there, and specialty stores… it is all within reach and manageable.

      I am happy to hear you’re feeling good. I’ve been a mess for years, trying so hard to manage this other ways because I LOVE FOOD, especially bread. But, it’s time.

  5. I’m gluten free (and grain free, too) due to celiac disease. I cut out gluten, and although it took a while to feel better, (I kept hearing stories about how people felt amazing right away- not me.) I was finally able to look back on all the things that had gotten better- like my headaches disappeared, my skin cleared, so much more. Overall I feel better. It is worth it and it gets easier- it becomes routine. I use a lot of almond and garbanzo bean flour. And cook a lot of fresh foods. And I agree with Rebecca T Dickson- it is much more gluten free friendly these days. So many wonderful choices. Good luck- email if you need ideas- love to share! Ps- I want your muffin recipe- yum yum ! :)

    1. Thanks Rebecca, I am glad that you’re feeling better even though it sounds like it took a while. They say that gluten can take months to clear from your system. It’s so crazy getting educated on all of this. I went to PF Chang’s last night and they have a whole GF menu section! AND…All my favorite things are on it. I’m supposed to be avoiding sugar but I figure once in two weeks is not going to set me back that much on the yeast management considering how much I had every day before. (See how I rationalize?)

      PS – The muffin recipe is linked above. :) Detoxinista.com has been a godsend so far.

  6. I’ve been gluten free for years – though sometimes I fall off the wagon. I have autoimmune thyroid disease and was advised to give up gluten. I don’t feel much different, though my eyes aren’t puffy anymore and I used to have a rash on the right side of my face that went away. Now I’m giving the Paleo diet a try. It’s not so hard once you’re used to being gluten free. I’d love the recipes for the pics you posted. They look great. Where can I get them? Forgive me if this question has already been asked and answered….Jeanne

  7. Aw, sorry to hear that. I do hope it helps you feel better, though. I had to cut out a lot of foods because they were triggering intense migraines. I kept telling my husband it was killing my soul a little every time I had to turn down something I loved, but couldn’t eat anymore. It does get easier.

    Shannon at The Warrior Muse

    1. Hi Shannon!
      I have been feeling SO much better, it feels worthwhile so far. Since I am not dealing with celiac disease, I am sure I will allow some gluten back in after I get things under control. I just have to make them special and not every day. So far I have been really enjoying all the GF choices.

      I’m glad to hear you’re able to manage your migraines… what a relief that must be.

    1. Ha! Arlee, that’s the second thing I asked for when I was told to do this. The first thing was someone to shop for me! I detest shopping. I have made a lot of changes but so far it has not felt like a huge adjustment day to day. I am much more focused on food though, which is odd for me. I have to plan ahead and make sure I have what I need at the house.

  8. I’ve been gluten free for two years now and have made many mistakes along the way. I have become obsessed with reading the labels on the back of products. It is scary how many things have gluten based thickeners or soy sauce in them. Good luck with going GF and take it one day at a time.

    1. It’s been eye opening reading labels in general more anyway. The things we allow into our bodies are really crazy. We’re making changes here as well, not just for me and gluten, but moving away from all the old stand by processed foods.

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