H for Hadeharia – #atozchallenge

Oh, hell! It’s H day! What the hell have you been up to? I had to cancel the hell out of my day because the kids schools were closed in fear of the impending snowpocalypse. Can you believe that the weather-people in my state of Colorado were so hell-bent on creating a panic with the oncoming blizzard that they got it completely the hell wrong? It was the NOpocalypse. From Hell.

All this to bring you…

The practice of constantly using the word ‘Hell’ in speaking.

Goodness, that was fun! Hope you had an enjoyable day! I’ve been reading all day and now I’m late on my post. Perhaps I’ll be early tomorrow so this hellish post will fade down the annals. Of hell. ;)

My 2012 post: Homunculous

Today’s #fmsphotoaday photo prompt: TINY

lol, I wasn’t planning to use this photo as I didn’t know the prompt until this evening, but serendipity is working with me today. When I stepped outside to snap this photo of the results of the blizzard that wasn’t, I slipped and fell and bruised my knee.  It was as if the world was coated in a scrim of invisible ice. Even the dogs slipped.

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