HALF MOON GIRLS: My Lei Crime Novella #LeiCrimeKW

It’s been a crazy couple of months around Writing HQ, with me hunkered down, plotting and writing my fingers to the bone for the launch of Toby Neal’s new Lei Crime Series Kindle World.

I wanted to take a quick break today to share the cover for my new novella, HALF MOON GIRLS.



Isn’t it gorgeous!? I can say that because I didn’t create it.  ;)

The Lei Crime Series launch is set for Tuesday, April 7. On that day, my novella will be available along with several other stories by some rather fabulous authors, all set in the world of Toby Neal’s Lei Crime Series

HALF MOON GIRLS is a kidnapping and murder mystery that takes place on Kaua`i. Coming April 7!

Check us out on twitter (#LeiCrimeKW) to keep track of mine and the other stories set for the launch. It’s been a lot of fun so far, and there is more to come!


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