I+J = Jumentous Interfenestration – #atozchallenge

It’s Thursday and for that you get a two-fer!  Actually, the two-fer is a result of a very crazy Wednesday, but I digress.  Onward!

Today we have:

a space between two windows

Considering the fabulous defenstrate… this is hardly a surprise. And yet, still a very fun word to say!  Here is what exists in my office interfenestration: Two songs, two quotes, a tiara, a leafy vision board, a photo of mom, a writing mouse, an achievement, and several gifts… one from a macaw.  It’s like I Spy!

and also

smelling strongly like a beast of burden, especially a horse. And according to google, it relates most often to the smell of its urine.



Not to be outdone, I give you 2012’s Words:

I – Illeist 

J – Jentacular 

Today’s #fmsphotoadayprompt: DETAIL  a blanket I am trying to complete.  Reminds me of sherbet.

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