It seems that my little break this past week caused blogger to go on the fritz. I do apologize. I’ve already alerted the folks at blogger HQ and have been assured that my lack of activity should not, in any way, affect the stability of the network in the future.

Bloggerpocalyse aside, how have you been? You look marvelous. I feel like I have been offline for a year and a day this week.  I have missed you all on my blog here and the tweeter is already covered with a layer of dust. It killz me to see my online languishing by seven days of silence, but sometimes my life just gets in the way of my life.

Let’s see, what have I been up to?

Revisions on WISE JIM have been going slowly, but I am really excited about what is coming out of it.  I hesitate to even utter the words, but this might just be the final round! I am not sure what life will be like when I don’t have these revisions on this novel looming on my head. I can’t imagine releasing it from my hold. I know that if all goes well, I will indeed have more drafts to come, but hopefully that will be driven by an agent and/or editor hoping to sell my book. :)  *say it with me*  *agent and editor next round!*

I don’t actually wear a house coat.

Writing on the new witchy novel is paused for a moment while I get through this rewrite on Wise Jim.  I am equally jazzed about this new book. The idea is starting to take hold in my brain much in the same way that Wise Jim did back when that one started. I am hoping for more flow when I sit back down to that one.

I have another pair of novel ideas brewing in my head. A contemporary YA and a thriller. At this point I am letting them bounce around my gray matter and we’ll see what falls out the other side.

I am UBER EXCITED about my upcoming trip to the Norman Mailer Writers Colony in June. I have been having dreams about this trip creeping up on me and not being prepared.  I can’t stand that feeling!  I am prepared though, and I am really looking forward to having that time and that sort of focus on my writing for a whole week!  Alone!  (I am going to get skype all set up so I won’t have child withdrawals while I am away.)

Norman Mailer’s House. On the beach. Sigh.

My son graduated from preschool this this week. As he is the youngest of my 4 mini peeps, I was bawling my eyes out at this milestone. Well, let’s be honest, I bawl at any of them reaching any milestone. But, this one is especially heavy on the old heart because we’ve been a part of this preschool family since my oldest was three – that’s seven years. It is the sort of school where all of the teachers truly just love all of the kids, whether they are in their class or not. Whenever I am there with my older ones who are now in elementary school, they are hugged and squeezed by every staff member they pass in the halls.  I am not going to miss driving to the next town every MWF morning, but I will really miss being a part of that school.

Speaking of Graduation, boy scouts have  graduation in May as well, and did you know that I handle the awards and lots of what goes on with that for my pack? OMG… its INSANITY!   I actually really enjoy volunteering, and my son adores that I am such a big part of scouting with him (and soon his two younger brothers) but it is a lot of time and work.

Same son just won the Gold Medal in his school’s Reading Olympics program. He was one project away from a Decathlon, but decided to take the pressure off in the final week. I am SO PROUD of him for sticking to this goal.  He just finished The Hunger Games and wants me to take only him on a date to see the movie when it is out, since only we have read it. Sweet!

After a suitable period of bereavement for hamster Buddy and hamster Cupcake who died within a couple of weeks of each other of unrelated illness or old age or something hamsterish, my daughter has welcomed a pair of new creatures to our menagerie: fancy mouse Coco and fancy mouse Snowflake.  They are very sweet and getting slowly accustomed to my daughter handling them. The sweetest thing is watching them groom each other!  Watch facebook for alerts about their escape… coming soon, I am sure.

Ima jogging again!  Two years ago I ran in the Bolder Boulder, a 10k race that is fabulous fun. Completing that race felt like the biggest thing I had ever achieved. Well, hold on to your sneakers folks, this weekend I will be doing  HALF MARATHON!  My friend asked me to join her as we trained these past few months and let me tell you I am FREAKING OUT about 13.1 miles tomorrow. I have been eating loads of complex carbs this week in prep for the big day. It all goes down at 6am MST in Denver.  Please wish me luck.  Please. I just want to finish ahead of the pace car.  :)

Reading NIGHTSHADE by Andrea Cremer. I promised myself I could not order another or open the covers of anything new until I finished my TBR pile.  *weeps*

Have a fabulous weekend, and I hope I live to blog again after the marathon tomorrow.


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  1. Lord! You’ve been busy. Guess what. I ran that same Bolder Boulder! It was my first race since high school. A few months later I ran The Other Half Marathon in UT…I was sooo scared. But I did fine, you will too. Good Luck.

    You’re son is adorable. It’s so bitter sweet when they get bigger and move on. For some reason I’m having a really hard time with the idea of my daughter going to 3rd grade this year.

    3rd grade! I mean, she was JUST in kindergarten for gosh sakes.

  2. @Rebecca, I don’t pretend to manage it all very well, but I do have very supportive hubby who makes it all flow smoothly.

    @Becky How fun! I am home from the Colfax 1/2 Marathon (completed in 3:00) and I need a nap. :)

    @Wendy I have missed you too! Will be nice to get back to normal around here.

    @Readmy – My son is so excited about being a kindergartener already. He’s a rock star.

  3. Busy, busy, busy!!! Wow! I hope the 1/2 marathon went well. Let us know when you have the chance. Maybe I should logon to facebook to see if you’ve posted there. What a novel idea, huh?

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