Gosh, is it already July?  I woke up this morning with what could only be called restless fingers just itching to write all day long.  My husband walked by and not-so-helpfully suggested I go ahead and lock the door to my office for a while, which holds some appeal.  But unless he plans to take the day off and go in my stead, it is officially the middle of summer and my kids need to get in some serious play time.

I read the posts by the sage and wizened agents and those amazing writers who have crossed that bridge to becoming agented and published authors who all say that there is always time to pursue the path to getting published.  I get it.  I know my priorities are in the right order.  But my manuscript isn’t listening. Its biological clock started ticking and now almost eight months later it doesn’t care that I have a life beyond my desk.  It has been waiting in my gray matter for more than a decade and now that it has an opening it is clawing to get out.

And then there is the other MS that started chirping a few weeks ago.  Wait a second now–  nobody told me that going full time into writing would become so disorderly!  The Type-A in me cannot deal.  I can barely think over the fighting between my MCs for some keyboard time.

And so… I have marked off about five hours tonight, and booked my husband to take the clan out for dinner and some daddy time.  I know that missing a day of writing won’t kill me, but tell that to my fingers.  I look ahead to a time when this MS is finally and truly done.  But who am I kidding… there is another one right there waiting.

What say you?  How to you fit in writing when summer, kids, house, spouse, and just life get in the way?

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