As we close out the year, I thought it would be fun to take part in DL Hammons‘ and Nicole Zoltack’s Deja Vu Blogfest, where you sign up and agree to post a blog from earlier this year that you especially liked, or that you felt deserved more attention. Check out the list of bloggers and take a trip down memory lane, or maybe find something new-to-you!


I chose this poem to share because I remember so vividly the morning I wrote it. It was back in February on an especially quiet morning and I found myself feeling like I was in that magical place between busy moments where the peace was palpable. My big goal ahead of me is to get seriously organized, and reading this post brought back that quiet mental moment that I crave, and which makes me feel like I can accomplish anything.


It’s Snowing Again


It’s snowing again.
The world feels small
and tidy… simple
through my morning window.

It’s snowing again.
The day feels slow
and manageable… simple
over the top of my steaming mug.

It’s snowing again.
The house feels quiet
and secluded… simple
and blank, ready for anything.

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  1. I love snow, and your poem really catches that snow morning feeling :) And I’m with you on getting organised! This coming year needs to be! xx

    1. THank you Suzanne! You should sign up for my Mission: Organized project newsletter. Starting in January we are going to focus on organizing all the things!!

  2. Really lovely poem! I get that feeling about the snow, too…

    …until I have to go outside in it. Then it’s like,

    “It’s snowing again
    The roads feel icy
    and slick … simple
    stopping results in fender-benders.”

    Happy Deja Vu!

  3. Loved your poem. It’s a great description of the way I feel on that first snowfall day. (Just don’t ask for my opinion three weeks later when the streets are piled with filthy snowbanks and that *%$#ing stuff just continues to fall…)

    1. Thank you! I never liked the aging dirty snow piles when I lived in NYC. We don’t get a lot of that in CO. When the sun comes out, it usually melts away.

  4. Fabulous poem! I’m reading it as I’m looking out the window here and it’s a dark day: cool and no sunshine. It fits in perfect with my day. If only it were snowing! I live in Austin TX and it never snows here. I’m from Buffalo NY and I sooooo miss the snow! Your poem just gave me a little taste of it so thank you.
    Happy Deja Vu weekend :)
    michele at Angels Bark

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