Jury still out on The Shack

A group of friends and I have been getting together for drinks every week or so, and recently started talking about the book The Shack. I hadn’t read it, have no desire to be honest. It is not because it deals with the death of a child, or that it is about faith… it is just that from all appearances, it is not my cup of tea. Perhaps after I have read it I will be able to explain better. All the others there had read it and were quite enthralled and moved and excited by it all, so I agreed to read it so we could discuss it. I picked it up and leafed through the first pages, and already was not liking the writing style… so I downloaded the audio unabridged, and have started listening. It’s not going well. The narration is following the writing style, which I suppose is to the credit of the production. I was hoping for a departure. I will stick with it. Have you read it? Without any spoilers… what did you think?

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