The act of crotch watching.  Also: The post in which my blog descends into debauchery if only for the one day, and truly so that I might enrich your vocabulary just that one little bit more.

I couldn’t find this one in my unabridged, so I can’t authenticate its etymology… but for this one time, I really don’t care because that word is awesome. So, we’ll quote the street for this one.

nothing to see here

In case you were not sure if you had this disorder… I discovered a tumblr dedicated to this exact thing, and which renders everyone who arrives into a fog of krukolibidinousness. The aforementioned tumblr is only NSFW because of why this collection of Jon Hamm photos has been compiled. Otherwise, its just a nice fan site of a fully clothed human, well… sorta. O_O

What can I say… back to bidness.

My 2012 K Word: Knurl

Today’s #fmsphotoaday prompt: In the Middle

from my friend D in Oz.

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