Killing Floor (Jack Reacher Series, #1)Killing Floor by Lee Child

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I am re-reading the Jack Reacher series from the beginning after I picked up 61 HOURS over the Christmas holiday. It’s been a while since my last time in the series, so I’m going back to the start. I am totally digging Reacher. *swoon*

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If you haven’t heard of this series, Killing Floor is the first book. Jack Reacher is 6’5″, blond and blue. He’s also ex-Military; 13 years in as an MP. Now he is a drifter, and wherever he goes he finds himself caught up in something big, something bad, and usually something that he wins.

It makes sense to go in order although I bet there is enough for each to stand alone as well. But why skip any Reacher? ;)

From Amazon:
When Jack Reacher suddenly decides to ask a Greyhound bus driver to let him off near the town of Margrave, Georgia, he thinks it’s because his brother once mentioned that the famed blues guitarist Blind Blake died there. But it doesn’t take long for the footloose ex-military policeman to discover that there are plenty of strange–and very dangerous–things going on behind Margrave’s manicured lawns and clean streets that demand his attention. This first thriller by a former television writer features some of the best-written scenes of action in recent memory, a crash course in currency and counterfeiting, and a hero who is just begging to be called on for an encore.

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