Have you ever gone to a writer’s conference?  This was me after attending my first and second writer’s conferences this past fall.  I had the pleasure to attend the Rocky Mountain SCBWI conference in Denver in September and then a DC Libraries conference the following month in Castle Rock, CO.  I had no idea what to expect from either conference and came away from both of them with a binder full of awesome.  And a crit group. And a bunch of new writerly friends.

Another thing that I came away with both times, in equal measure, was joy.  Sheer energizing joy at being able to spend days and days with people who were a lot like me.  I wrote with an amazing level of dedication in the weeks that followed those conferences.  I had a completed manuscript when I attended, but I now have a much more polished one.  And a pair of new WIPs. 

I was over at my twitter watching the #ny11scbwi begin to scroll by and wishing I was there.  *sigh*  After a month of being sick myself or being nurse to my sick kids and then hubby, I could really use a shot of some fabulous writerly goodness.

Can’t wait to hear all about what’s going on in NYC.  Here is a little taste to get you in the mood.

Have you gone to conferences?  Which ones?  What was your favorite thing about them?

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  1. No conferences for me yet, but I’ve decided this is the year I’m going to make it happen. I’m dying to go to one!

    And be sure to stop by my blog today because you’re the big winner! :)

  2. LOOOOOVE the title of your post. Heehee. I went to the SCBWI NY conference because I had work in the city beforehand. It was fun but the truth is that the most important thing is the writing and the writer friends you meet along the way (in-person or virtually) :)

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