Lamenting My Lack of Conference

Have you ever gone to a writer’s conference?  This was me after attending my first and second writer’s conferences this past fall.  I had the pleasure to attend the Rocky Mountain SCBWI conference in Denver in September and then a DC Libraries conference the following month in Castle Rock, CO.  I had no idea what to expect from either conference and came away from both of them with a binder full of awesome.  And a crit group. And a bunch of new writerly friends.

Another thing that I came away with both times, in equal measure, was joy.  Sheer energizing joy at being able to spend days and days with people who were a lot like me.  I wrote with an amazing level of dedication in the weeks that followed those conferences.  I had a completed manuscript when I attended, but I now have a much more polished one.  And a pair of new WIPs. 

I was over at my twitter watching the #ny11scbwi begin to scroll by and wishing I was there.  *sigh*  After a month of being sick myself or being nurse to my sick kids and then hubby, I could really use a shot of some fabulous writerly goodness.

Can’t wait to hear all about what’s going on in NYC.  Here is a little taste to get you in the mood.

Have you gone to conferences?  Which ones?  What was your favorite thing about them?

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